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Welcome to Cyber Security Hub®

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Cyber Security Hub is a young and innovative Melbourne-based cyber security organisation providing penetration testing and governance, risk & compliance services.

We provide scalable, effective and quality controlled services to our clients and business partners within Australia, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.

Cyber Security Hub engages services of security professionals from across the industry and globe, ranging from existing security organisations to freelance security professionals. This unique ability ensures maximum flexibility and scalability to suit our client's needs.

Our business model relies on effective co-operations across the information security industry. This approach allows us to provide highly skilled security professionals to deliver exceptional security services. From application security to hardware hacking – we can provide it all.

At Cyber Security Hub, we work co-operatively and effectively with our partner network providing white-labelled security services. This allows our partners to scale at ease whilst minimising overheads for maintaining a large bench and avoid costly employment for short-term projects. All of our reports are released in Creative Commons allowing our partners to re-brand or adjust for delivery to end client.

We have also launched our enterprise security testing platform designed to deliver penetration testing services easier, faster, safer and more affordable. Sign-up today to see how our platform can reduce costs for your organisation and provide greater transparency and efficiency across your penetration testing projects.

Also if you are a consumer or supplier of penetration testing, our platform is now available 'As-a-Service' -
see how you can benefit from having your own platform today!


Our Platform streamlined engagement process is minimal fuss allowing security testing to typically commence within few days.


We provide industry-wide resourcing allowing greater scalability and flexibility to accomodate your testing window.


We engage security professionals across industry allowing greater suitability when determining right person for your project.


We have competitive market rates and low service fees allowing flexible pricing options to cater for all budgets.

Our services

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Social Engineering

Security Training

Source Code Review

Wireless Assessment

Hardware Hacking

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Introducing our Enterprise Security Testing Platform

Now Available! Platform-as-a-Service - for Consumers & Suppliers of Penetration Testing

- Consolidation of all vulnerabilities, testing logs, pieces of evidence, artifacts and screenshots - securely managed in one place. Easy to retrieve & track, and controlled by you.
- Securely collaborate and chat. Upload/download files to your workspace, avoid need to use other insecure channels.
- Automatic notifications when consultants start & stop testing daily.
- Track & monitor status for all your security testing projects and vulnerabilities, in one place.
- View calendar to schedule and plan testing activities.
- No need for peer / technical report reviews.
- No need to manually provide daily updates to stakeholders.
- Manage multiple simultaneous projects more effectively & easily.
- Improve value proposition for new customers – increase sales.
- Easy-to-use portal to engage and collaborate with your customers.
- Improve retention of existing customers – entice them to stay and maintain their data with you.
- View Dashboards across all projects and vulnerabilities - understand security posture for your company, at any given time - on one screen.
- See the most common vulnerabilities in your organisation – across all systems/assets.
- Visual attack chains to see the attack from a hackers perspective - understand exactly what an attacker is doing at each step. Don't rely on risk-ratings only to determine your remediation plan.
- Search for a given system/asset and see its related vulnerabilities and remediation status.
- Track remediation for all vulnerabilities.
- Detailed information for every vulnerability - ratings, descriptions, attack scenarios, recommendations, proof-of-concepts, evidence, remediation notes, and more.
- JIRA integration - directly import your vulnerabilities in to your own JIRA instance.
- View test case progress on a project - know what was tested, who tested it, and when they tested it, and importantly understand what was not tested.
- Consistent use of vulnerability language (built on CWE, CAPEC, OWASP, and others). Provides standard/common language when discussing vulnerabilities.
- Assurance of repeatable service - Measure progress over time.
- Powerful Analytics for deep discovery - identify vulnerability trends across over time.
- Identify your own Top 10 Vulnerabilities & Testcases Leading to Vulnerabilities.
- Automatically generated executive & vulnerability reports in PDF, DOCX & CSV - customised to your organisation.
- Consistent reporting - whenever you need it.
- Stop spending thousands per report.
- Reduce Load on Consultants - Increase consultants’ productivity on testing and delivery.
- Reduce reporting effort required - No need to write lengthy reports.
- You only pay for what you consume i.e. 'per-project' + monthly service fee to cover your infrastructure, support & maintenance.
- Cancel at any time.
- Discounts for fixed-term - 12, 24 & 36 month contracts.
- White-labeled and personalised to suit your own organisation. Stand out from the rest of the crowd.
- Single-tenant environment dedicated to your organisation.
- Multi-factor authentication & Certification-ready design.
- Other security features to protect your data.

Meet the team

Fil Filiposki

Fil Filiposki

Stas Filshtinskiy

Stas Filshtinskiy

Some facts about us

350+ Projects Completed
30+ Consultants
15+ Services
50+ Clients & Partners

Why choose us

Cyber Security Hub provides a wide-variety of benefits for our clients, partners, and members.
No matter what your situation, it pays to be part of our fast growing security community. And best of all its free!

Why to choose us

Benefits For Clients:

We can help by providing you with our streamlined engagement process which is minimal fuss and usually means a proposal can be delivered same business day, with ability to commence security testing usually within 2-3 business days.

We provide an industry-wide resourcing approach allowing greater scalability when determining your resourcing needs.

We engage security professionals across the industry allowing for greater flexibility and accuracy when determining the right resource for your project.

Cyber Security Hub charge a nominal fee on top of the contractor’s daily rate allowing for flexible pricing options to cater for all budgets.

Cyber Security Hub provides strict identity management, access control, security of clients' information platform and traceability of the actions performed by security specialists.

The Cyber Security Hub platform is first of its kind and provides significant benefits when managing few, or many, security projects.

Benefits For Members:

We can provide you the ability to work on projects with security professionals in the industry who can share knowledge and provide you with an opportunity to up skill and learn new tricks and techniques.

As Cyber Security Hub engages all major industries, this allows you to broaden your skills and work experience in ways you cannot through traditional channels.

All projects are conducted through a simple statement of work. That’s it. You also receive healthy income for your efforts.

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